Selected Works

First published in Naugatuck River Review
Originally published in Conclave
First published in CONCLAVE
From Little Fires, Finishing Line Press
Sonnet Crown (from the book Little Fires)
Several sijo poems, a Korean form
First published in DINER Anthology
From THE BARK, '06
Sonnet Crown
Mountaintop Removal Mining Protest
First Published in New Southerner Published in A Stirring in the Dark, Old Seventy Creek Press
First published in Little Fires, Finishing Line Press

About Me:

Christina Lovin is the author of two full-length volumes of poetry (ECHO, Bottom Dog Press; A Stirring in the Dark, Old Seventy Creek Press) and three chapbooks of poetry: What We Burned for Warmth, Little Fires, #55 in the New Women’s Voices Poetry Series, and Flesh (all, Finishing Line Press). Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in over a hundred journals and anthologies in the United States and abroad. Having studied creative writing at Harvard University’s summer writing program, she holds an MFA in Creative Writing from New England College. Her work has been supported on several occasions with monetary grants from the Elizabeth George Foundation, Kentucky Foundation for Women, and the Kentucky Arts Council, including the 2007 Al Smith Fellowship. She has been writer-in-residence at Connemara, the North Carolina home of the late poet Carl Sandburg, Andrews Experimental Forest near Blue River, Oregon, and Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming. Her writing has led her to residencies at Footpaths House to Creativity on the island of Flores in the Azores, Vermont Studio Center, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Prairie Center for the Arts (IL), and Hopscotch House (KY). She lives with four rescue dogs in central Kentucky, where she teaches writing in the English and Theatre Department at Eastern Kentucky University.

Writing Awards:

First honorable mention at Finishing Line Press for the chapbook Flesh.

"Myth Information"
▪Winner of the 2009 Ethnographic Poetry Prize
Society for Humanistic Anthropology

"Maguey Azul"
▪Nominated for Pushcart Award, New Madrid Review.

▪ 2008 Portia Steele Poetry Award for Excellence in Writing
▪ 2008 Women Who Write Poetry Award

"Coal Country" :
▪2007 Nominated for Pushcart, Triplopia
▪2007 "Best of the Best," Triplopia
▪2006 Passager Poet of the Year, Passager
▪2005 Betty Gabehart Poetry Award
▪2006 Oliver Browning Poetry Award, Poesia
▪2006 Finalist, Rita Dove Poetry Award
▪2006 High Distinction, Margaret Reid Traditional Forms Award

"Event Horizon":
▪2007 Emerging Poet, Southern Women Writers' Conference
▪2007 Finalist, Rita Dove Poetry Award
▪Third Place, Women Who Write Annual Poetry Award

Grand Prize Winner:
▪2007 Dancing Galliard Sonnet Contest, Prism Quarterly


▪2009 Rita Dove Poetry Award (International Literary Award)
▪2008 Violet Reed Haas Book Award
▪2008 Rita Dove Poetry Award
▪2007 Writers' Place Short Story Award
▪2007 Rita Dove Poetry Award
▪2006 Rita Dove Poetry Award
▪2007 Writers' Place Short Story Contest
▪2007 Top Ten Finalist, New Women's Voices Poetry Series, Finishing Line Press
▪2006 New Letters Poetry Award
▪2006 Mid American Review Fineline Competition
▪2005 Portlandia Press Chapbook Prize
▪2005 Backwaters Poetry Book Prize
▪2001 Rhino Poetry Magazine Reader/​Writer Contest
▪7th Juried Reading, Poetry Center of Chicago.

▪Ontario Book Prize, Black Lawrence Press

First Honorable Mention:
"General Semantics and the Moles on Your Back"
▪ 2009 Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize

Honorable Mention:
▪ 2009 Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize (for "The Buck")
▪2008 Friends of Acadia Poetry Competition
▪2007 Writers' Place Anthology (for "A Stirring in the Dark")

▪2009 "Legacies" Contest, Carnegie Center
▪2008 Georgetown Review Poetry Award

Third Place:
▪2006 Dancing Poetry Award for "A Small Universe"

Writing Residencies, Fellowships, Scholarships:

▪Resident Fellow, Vermont Studio Center

▪Inaugaral Poet-in-Residence at Connemara, the home of the late Carl Sandburg

▪Resident Fellow, Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, Illinois

▪Resident Fellow, Vermont Studio Center

▪Resident Fellow, Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, Illinois
▪AWP WC & C Scholarship Winner
▪Bread Loaf Writers Conference (Conference Scholarship)
▪Resident Fellow, Footpaths House, Flores Island, Azores, Portugal

▪Emerging Poet, Southern Women Writers' Conference
▪Judson Jerome Scholarship, Antioch Writers’Workshop
▪Resident Fellow, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (May & December)
▪Writer-in-Residence, Andrews Experimental Forest, Blue River, Oregon (Spring Creek Project, OSU)

▪Writer-in-Residence, Devil's Tower National Monument (National Park Service & Bear Lodge Writers)
▪Resident Fellow, Vermont Studio Center

▪Bread Loaf Writers' Conference
▪Merit Scholarship, Vermont College Post Graduate Writers' Conference

▪Baron Wormser Scholarship Award,Stone Coast Writers’ Conference


January 2009

Christina Lovin is a recipient for a grant from the Elizabeth George Foundation. The grant is to "buy..time to pursue your poetry..."

Christina Lovin has received professional development funding and also received an Al Smith Fellowship from the Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency in the Commerce Cabinet, supported by state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

Christina Lovin has received generous support from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. All content copyright Christina Lovin 2007, 2008, 2009. No part may be reproduced or used without permission from the author

Little Fires Image
© Doug Lawhead

Artwork ©
Dorothy Englander

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