Unmarked Crossings: a poet and her journeys

Oscar Night and Day Four

February 28, 2011

Tags: poetry, poet, poems, residencies, residency, Washington State, Orcas Island

I canít say why, but I am sleeping for nine or ten hours each night here. Perhaps it is the total silence or the nearly-total darkness (I leave the night light on in my bathroom, so I donít become disoriented too badly should I have to get up in the night). Whatever the reason, I am getting ahead for at least two of my personal Three Rís (Writing, Rest, Rejuvenation)órest and rejuvenation. I am writing, however. (more…)

Day 3, Orcas Island Residency

February 27, 2011

Tags: poet, poetry, residencies, residency, Washington State, islands

I spent yesterday afternoon at my window in the library, getting into some writing. Although my project ECHO is mostly completed, there are a couple of poems that have eluded me. One in particular has haunted me since I began this project. The Our Lady of the Angels fire occurred in December 1958. (more…)

Orcas Island Residency: Spring 2011

February 26, 2011

Tags: poetry, residency, residencies, poet, writer, Washington, Orcas Island

Iím not sure how it happens, but it seems that I often find myself away from home at this time of year. Last spring I was in North Carolina as the inaugural writer-in-residence at Connemara, the North Carolina estate of my fellow Illinois poet, Carl Sandburg. I lived in the Farm Managerís Cottage, visiting the goats daily and enjoying the spirit of Sandburg to inspire me. Today I am sitting at a large window in the library of Kangaroo House on Orcas Island in Puget Sound, Washington, awaiting whatever delicious-smelling baked goods will be served momentarily and sipping a cup of excellent coffee (it is Washington State, after all!). (more…)